Your website is search engine optimized but you’re still not near the top… why?

SEO pagerankIn the past several months, I’ve noticed a dramatic shift in the ranking of hundreds of companies on most search engines.  Unfortunately, consequentially, I’ve also suffered temporary hearing impairment as a result of business owners’ alarm bells going off at decibel levels not previously witnessed to date.  Why is that?

Quite simply, the Internet has become a critical medium for the generation of revenue for many companies.  Many of these companies rely heavily on the revenues generated from their organic traffic, or unpaid search results.  The result of losing even a few positions in rank, often times is the difference between a business that is thriving and a business that is bleeding.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to shift the tide, and the difference between a few placements could easily result in the loss of 70-90% of a companies’ targeted traffic.  Think about how you use a search engine.  Most individuals open the first 3-5 links that catch their eye and within a minute they’ve narrowed down their potential customer list to 2 or 3 options at most.  If your website is not one of the links that catches their eye, then you don’t even have a chance to make a sale…. zero percent!!! That’s horrible odds!

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How to Make Facebook Ads Work for You

Facebook ads

Social media has become one of the most effective venues to market products and services.  Due to the ability for companies to create more effective marketing campaigns by targeting their precise audiences, companies can dramatically increase revenues while maintaining, and often times, reducing costs.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has grown to be the largest social networking site in the world.  As of May 2013, data showed that there are a breathtaking 1.11 billion monthly active users and an unbelievable 665 million active users on any given day.  Combine the number of active users with the ability to target users based upon their demographics and you’ve got an opportunity that no company can afford to pass up or they’ll be foregoing opportunities for increased revenue on the table for their competitors to take advantage of.

The best thing about Facebook ads is that, despite how powerful and effective it is as a marketing channel, it is incredibly simple to setup and delivers targeted marketing at a fraction of the cost of its’ competitors.

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How 3D Printing Will Change the World

3D printing

3D Printing Beginnings

Unlike traditional printers that print on paper, 3D printers work by layering atoms on top of each other in order to print 3D objects. Historically, 3D objects were created via expensive manufacturing equipment that required months, or even years, of advance planning, prototyping and creating a mould which could be used to manufacture duplicates of a single planned 3-dimensional object.

3D Printing Today

Today, 3D printing methods have already begun to revolutionize almost every industry.  3D printers are capable of using a multitude of materials to print various 3D objects: nano-composites, plastics, powdered metals, and even bio-materials!

Although previously impossible, being able to print entirely new designs on-demand has become a reality. This has helped companies exponentially improve their production times. The speed of printing parts and objects is incredible and it just this aspect alone, it has already changed the world!

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Top 3 Reasons Why Most Startups Fail & How To Prevent Them

Starting a CompanyOver the last several years I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to mentor some of the brightest entrepreneurs in North America. 

Each and every mentorship is a learning opportunity, not only for the startup but also for myself.  I get to learn about new and exciting industries and enhance my knowledge in various established industries on a daily basis.

Each mentorship relationship is unique; every startup possesses a different combination of strengths and weaknesses.  Successful mentorship requires an investment of time and energy in order to learn about the business, understand the opportunities, assess the competition and determine the best way to provide value to the mentee.  A level of trust is absolutely critical because a successful mentorship requires entrepreneurs to divulge a lot of behind the scene details.

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Your Website is Talking to You… Are You Listening?

by Brent Mondoux, CEO, N-VisionIT Interactive.  Published by the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce.

Ottawa website design

Which pages on your website get the most traffic? How about the least? Which page has the highest drop off rates? How much of your traffic is coming from mobile devices? If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions, you’re not alone…

The reality is that more than 99% of businesses that have an Internet presence haven’t the slightest clue what’s working and what isn’t in terms of attracting and converting leads into customers, nor do they even know if it’s being viewed by a device that can navigate it properly!   How to say this nicely… sorry I can’t find a way… this is simply ludicrous!

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Why small businesses need more than just a website?

small business websitesWhile a website is vital to the long term success of any business, it’s not of much use if it’s not generating targeted traffic and converting valuable leads into customers.

Why can small businesses no longer just get by with a website?  A website on its own won’t create customers, it needs to attract visitors!  Furthermore, these visitors must be potential customers.  If you own a comedy club in Ottawa, and the majority of your traffic is from the US, you can be certain that it’s not generating you additional customers.  Even worse, if it’s not generating traffic at all then it serves no purpose whatsoever.

“A website without traffic is like a business without roads to get to it”
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N-VisionIT Named Canada’s Best Android Development Company

N-VisionIT Interactive

Brent Mondoux, N-VisionIT Interactive CEO


N-VisionIT Named Canada’s Best Android Development Company

Ottawa web design and mobile application firm builds top apps for top agencies

Ottawa, ON, Sept. 13, 2013— Ottawa website development firm N-VisionIT Interactive has just been named Canada’s top Android development company by Best Web Design Agencies for September 2013.

“We’re very proud to be recognized for our leadership in the mobile market space. This is a really nice by-product of our work and our attention to detail,” says Brent Mondoux, CEO of N-VisionIT Interactive.

The Ottawa mobile application company, which has created mobile apps, websites and social media strategies for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and companies worldwide, is the only company to receive a perfect score and take the top spot in the competition. The rankings analyze factors such as design and development quality, customer support, speed and bug testing to determine the ten best Android developers in Canada.

Mondoux says N-VisionIT’s commitment to going beyond the basics of creating attractive applications has also contributed to the envious position of being ranked the 7th best iPhone development company in all of Canada.  As a result of their relentless pursuit of perfection, N-VisionIT’s client retention rate is amongst the best in the world.

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Don’t ever let biases cost you or someone you love the chance to flourish

Don’t ever let biases cost you or someone you love the chance to flourish
Personal blog by our CEO, Brent Mondoux

Aiden MondouxAt the age of 3, Aiden was developmentally behind by 18 months. He hadn’t yet been able to crawl, couldn’t chew food, never focused on the television for more than 15 seconds, he couldn’t tell us what was causing the challenges. Specialists ranged from speech therapists, physiotherapists, eye specialists and a typical week included 3 specialist appointments each and every week for two years. Financial challenges aside, the stress and strain on our family was unbelievable and both Nat and I suffered a great deal of stress and tension that was extremely challenging to deal with. We both felt lost and afraid to share our fears with the ones around us who loved us and continued to support us through all of this.

As Aiden was nearing the age of 4, our team of specialists from La Ressource in Hull, Quebec (a phenomenal team of specialists each with their own respective areas of expertise) started to eliminate some potential causes for the challenges – he had no muscular issues, his eyesight posed no significant challenges (despite a birth defect called collaboma in both eyes) and his developmental delays weren’t being driven by any auditory disability.  At this point the specialists urged us to try a small dose of ADHD medication. This entwined my wife and I into a ball of emotional doubt, because like so many others we were uneducated and overreacted to the stigma that the media has put on the use of this medication. Our parents also held their own differing degrees of doubt, as they also struggled to cope with the unknown possibilities of the diagnosis.

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N-VisionIT Interactive CEO Brent Mondoux receives Forty Under 40 Award

Ottawa Top Forty Under 40Thank you to my wonderful team at N-VisionIT Interactive for motivating me each and every day to give 100% and push myself outside of my comfort zone. Being recognized with a Forty Under 40 award is an honor and I consider it our entire team’s award, I couldn’t have done it without all of you.

Enclosed is a letter that our company sent to our customers and partners, but I’d also wish to thank all of my loyal blog readers as I sincerely appreciate your input, feedback and emails on a daily basis.

Dear Customer,

Every time we work on your website, mobile application or social media, we’re thinking about the big picture: How can we help you help others?

Because of N-VisionIT’s philosophy and because of the support of clients like you, our co-founder and CEO Brent Mondoux has just received the Forty Under 40 award from the Ottawa Business Journal and the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce. The award, which received 150 nominations this year, recognizes top entrepreneurs who give back to the community.

“I attribute this win to our team’s success,” says Brent, who co-founded N-VisionIT with Reid Ivens in 1999. Since then, our business has gone on to build websites, mobile applications and social media marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies including the likes of Sara Lee and Sony as well as both the Canadian and the U.S. government.

Just four years after we opened, N-VisionIT was named one of Profit Magazine’s Hot 50 Companies. Why? Because, as you know, N-VisionIT cares about helping you connect with and take care of your customers.

“We’re not here just to make clients more money. We’re making clients products and services that will help people, and this award is proof of that,” says Brent, who was named one of Ottawa’s Forty Under 40 because of his expertise in web development and social media, his achievements with N-VisionIT and real estate firm Amplified Investments, and his philanthropic efforts.

Thanks to a client list that includes you, we’re able to donate website creation and other resources to help charities and non-profit organizations help the less fortunate. Since we created N-VisionIT Gives Back, we’ve built websites that have helped raise money for rare diseases and donations for the homeless.

Please join us in congratulating Brent in his commitment to making the world a better place, and in his contribution to businesses like yours which are striving to do the same.

The team at N-VisionIT Interactive

Brent Mondoux
CEO, N-VisionIT Interactive

Ottawa web design

Social Networking on LinkedIn for Business Success

Published in February 2013 Ottawa Chamber of Commerce newsletter

Social networking on LinkedIn for business success

Why do people go to networking events? Because it works! We meet new acquaintances, obtain new leads and in time these new connections transform into lucrative opportunities. As these new connections introduce us to others, the cycle repeats itself and our networking success begins to compound.

There’s no mystery that business networking still remains one of the most valuable methods of building and strengthening our connections; however, still today, many people have yet to discover the true power of networking on social media channels.

Social networking mirrors the same activities as business networking with one exception: face-to-face communication comes later. While business networking is still, and will always remain, a vital method of business development, there are many benefits to social networking that can bring your business development activities to the next level.

One of the most successful social networks for business-to-business networking activities is LinkedIn. Here’s why:

Unlimited connections

When performing traditional networking, your time is limited to the duration of the event and there are only so many people you can meet. LinkedIn eliminates time restrictions, giving you the freedom to research, target, and connect with the connections that you want to make. By controlling the quality and quantity of connections you are able to make better use of your time and target the best opportunities.

Better targeted focus

At networking events it’s challenging to target the best leads. LinkedIn enables you to learn the goals, accomplishments and interests of a potential connection prior to initiating conversation. We all know people do business with who they like and trust, so knowing a little bit about them prior to an initial conversation creates an advantageous position.

Easier referrals

LinkedIn makes it easy to ask for targeted referrals. Not only does it show you who in your network is connected with the lead you’re targeting, but it only takes is a simple message to initiate the process. At networking events, gaining targeted referrals is nearly impossible due to time and availability constraints.

Don’t eliminate your traditional business networking activity. Amplify your success by leveraging LinkedIn and other social media channels; believe me, your competitors are. Don’t leave opportunities on the table, it’s only you who will pay the price.

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Brent Mondoux is the CEO of N-VisionIT Interactive.