Don’t ever let biases cost you or someone you love the chance to flourish

Don’t ever let biases cost you or someone you love the chance to flourish
Personal blog by our CEO, Brent Mondoux

Aiden MondouxAt the age of 3, Aiden was developmentally behind by 18 months. He hadn’t yet been able to crawl, couldn’t chew food, never focused on the television for more than 15 seconds, he couldn’t tell us what was causing the challenges. Specialists ranged from speech therapists, physiotherapists, eye specialists and a typical week included 3 specialist appointments each and every week for two years. Financial challenges aside, the stress and strain on our family was unbelievable and both Nat and I suffered a great deal of stress and tension that was extremely challenging to deal with. We both felt lost and afraid to share our fears with the ones around us who loved us and continued to support us through all of this.

As Aiden was nearing the age of 4, our team of specialists from La Ressource in Hull, Quebec (a phenomenal team of specialists each with their own respective areas of expertise) started to eliminate some potential causes for the challenges – he had no muscular issues, his eyesight posed no significant challenges (despite a birth defect called collaboma in both eyes) and his developmental delays weren’t being driven by any auditory disability.  At this point the specialists urged us to try a small dose of ADHD medication. This entwined my wife and I into a ball of emotional doubt, because like so many others we were uneducated and overreacted to the stigma that the media has put on the use of this medication. Our parents also held their own differing degrees of doubt, as they also struggled to cope with the unknown possibilities of the diagnosis.

Despite our own personal challenges with the recommendation, Nat and I decided to give medication a try. The day that we gave Aiden his first pill I will *never* forget. It was the first day he could talk to me for more than 1 minute without changing the topic 3 times. Although prior he had never watched television for more than 15 seconds, this day he watched an entire 15 minutes, uninterrupted! While that sounds like a “normal” feat for most parents, this was unbelievable to us.

Fast forward 1 year and he had reduced his learning gap from being 18 months behind developmentally, down to only 6 months behind – all because he was finally able to maintain focus which increased his capability of absorbing information and processing it as well… it provided him with the possibility to learn; a possibility he did not have prior.

Today he still has challenges, but, without this diagnosis and us opening our minds, he wouldn’t be where he is today. Our biases, personal opinions and assumptions that we know everything could have literally cost our son the ability to flourish, the chance to excel and the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest.

My son nearly suffered the consequences of my own narrow-minded and ill-informed opinions; the cost of my inaction would have been immeasurable. I will never forget this day. It has changed who I am and what I believe in. Don’t close your mind, because if you do, you may irrevocably change the course of your or someone you love’s life.

Thank you for taking the time to read my experience. I hope it helps you keep your mind opened and to consider all possibilities, despite any biases you may have.

Brent Mondoux
CEO, N-VisionIT Interactive

Ottawa website development

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