How Do You Welcome New Customers?

Blogging for BusinessHow do you welcome your new customers?  When they join your family do you simply sign a purchase agreement and fulfill your obligations or do you strive to create something more?

Do you aim to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with all of your clients?  Of course you do!  How do you make that expectation clear and pave the path towards achieving this goal.

Enclosed is an email that we send to each and every new client.  On the surface, it may appear that we’re taking advantage of an opportunity to boast, but this letter summarizes 15 years of history here at N-VisionIT and re-enforces to our new clients the importance of choosing a team that will be with them regardless of the situation – celebrating their successes and helping them through their challenges.

The fact of the matter is that your customers are as busy as you are and won’t have the time to learn everything they need to know about your business.  In fact, they may not even be aware of the possible ways that your business can help theirs grow.  Sending introductory and ongoing emails can help prevent this from occurring and serve as a constant invitation to further strengthen the relationship.  What are you leaving on the table?

Here’s the email:


Congratulations! By joining our family, you’ve just made the most important commitment to your business since opening the front doors! The fact is that as technology continues to evolve, an Internet presence is now one of the most vital elements to a company’s long term success.

We’ve dedicated our professional lives to empowering our clients with the vital keys necessary to create a formula that propels their success and competitive advantages to levels that have their competitors shaking in their boots.

We’ve generated over a hundred million dollars in revenue for our clients, thrusting hundreds ahead of their competitors and we’ve helped to align over a dozen companies for successful acquisition. Quite simply, we turn businesses on their heads, dissect them if necessary and put them back together. We create leaders that are so formidable, entire industries have changed.

Think we’re just boasting? Think again… take a look at our testimonials, they speak for themselves!

“This is now my ‘go to’ company for website development work. I am happy to refer others to them as well, since I know anyone I send to them will have a great experience. I look forward to seeing them grow, as I have no doubt they will, as their reputation grows.”

At this time we encourage you to follow us on our social media channels. While this seems like an effort to be self promoting, the reality is that our founding team was brought together as a result of their deeply caring personalities and relentless determination to help businesses around them succeed. It’s truly their passion! They’re devoted to learning from and teaching others about business, technology and achieving balance and success in all areas of life – including the relationships with their families and friends and their own well being. In fact, our social media channels are managed by our very own CEO, Brent Mondoux. While he has a team that he works with behind the scenes to bring you the best and latest information around the clock, he personally verifies and reviews every piece of information that is communicated for your benefit. If only one of the hundreds of social media interactions each and every month assists and motivates you to improve one aspect of your life (business or personal), positive momentum will take over and you’ll quickly benefit in ways that you never knew possible. Connect with us on these social media channels today, you live once and it’s time to take control.

Well now that we’ve welcomed you to our family, it’s time for you to do the same. Tell us about yourself, your ambitions and your goals for the future. You’ll be astounded what a family can do as a team. The future awaits and it’s brighter than ever…


Your N-VisionIT Team

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