Thinking Outside the Box Creates Industry Leaders

Industry leadersWelcome to the year 2002.  Meet Company X.  Company X is a manufacturer of one of the world’s most popular hardware devices.  The market share of their products is a whopping 95%!  They’re on top of the world and completely untouchable by any potential threat!  Everyone who tries to stand up against them gets punished severely, ultimately suffering a humiliating and painful defeat.

Flash forward to 2007, essentially rinsing and repeating this story year after year.  The story remains the same… until another company comes along, swoops down and over the next 2 years they even out the market.  Suddenly it’s a 50/50 playing field, but the momentum seems irreversible and another threat enters the market.

Who am I talking about?

Research in Motion (RIM).  Anyone who lives in the Ottawa area has witnessed the true costs of accepting the status quo.  Round after round of layoffs, multiple acquisitions in an attempt to reverse the tide, resignations from high-level executives, you name it!

Why do I address this topic? Because it’s vital that every business owner in their role as a leader take the time every couple of months to step back and look at the big picture, ensure that picture is in perspective and then allow themselves several hours to think without boundaries; to think “outside the box”.

It’s also very beneficial to bring together a team and discuss the opportunities and challenges at hand and to further brainstorm the best ideas that were conceptualized during any brainstorming sessions, without any concern for potential barriers.  It’s important to get an outsider’s perspective on them and it’s even more vital to continue to innovate and remain a leader in your industry.

As an outsider of Research In Motion (RIM), my perspective is formed primarily based upon the details that are readily available via media, blogging and other public channels.  I’m not naïve enough to think that I’ve got the full picture, but, having watched the innovation of both Apple and Google during their breathtaking rise in the smartphone industry, the impact that thinking outside the box and innovating can have on the bottom line of a company is crystal clear.

Do you think the smartphones we use today no longer have any more room for innovation?  Do you think the Internet has reached its peak?  Where do you see the next 5 or 10 years of innovation?  It’s both fun and exciting to think without boundaries.

Go ahead and put some time aside to do nothing other than think outside the box.  A few hours of creative brainstorming could bring you to your next blockbuster idea… give it a try!

Brent Mondoux
CEO, N-VisionIT Interactive

Ottawa web design

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